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1: Proof that you don't need talent to get a record deal.

2: Teen actress for a few nick shows. Very annoying.
Dan: Hey, Chuck, Miranda Cosgrove's coming down to the studio right now.

Chuck: Ah, crap. Our voice altering equipment isn't working!

Dan: Oh, okay, I'll just tell her the studio's under construction or something.
by Mai Valentine August 03, 2009
Actress and singer best known for her role as Sam Puckett on iCarly. Unlike her co-star counterpart that gets all the singing roles, she can actually sing and performs amazing acoustic songs, and doesn't come off as a complete annoyance when she acts. She's one of those rare case nick stars that will probably lead a successful career in either profession.

She's had lesser roles in other TV series, such as roles in Malcom in the Middle and Law and Order: SVU.
Lloyd: Yo George, Jennette McCurdy is coming to the studio to do some recordings. Got everything ready?

George: Nah, still cleaning up all the equipment from 2 days ago. This place was a mess, had almost every autotune and synthesizer we had in here.

Lloyd: Wow, it's taken you 2 days to--

George: Dude, remember? Miranda Cosgrove was recording.

Lloyd: Ah, right.
by Mai Valentine December 13, 2010
One of the only child actresses that rose above all of the throw-away pop garbage that we see all the time, drugs, and eating disorders and grew up to be a respectable and talented woman who has high hopes for her future and a strong well-being.
Amanda Bynes, unlike those Paris Hilton wannabees, is a talented person who cares about herself and her future.
by Mai Valentine August 02, 2009
Pressing two keys at the same time due to typing too fast or mistaking the distance needed to travel to the intended letter.
Damnit! I KLeep fatfingering letrters! Why me!
by Mai Valentine July 25, 2009
An election where both sides spew out a bunch of bullshit promises or policies that won't come true after inauguration, just so they can score votes from the gullible, stupid majority of the human race.
TV Anchor: Well, you heard it there folks, he will lower taxes, provide ultimate shelter for the homeless, wax your car, mow your lawn and paint your house if you vote for him.

Dan: Wow, this guy's great! I'm voting for him!

Me: Fucking ejactulections...
by Mai Valentine August 11, 2009
A non-profit organization that is currently fan-dubbing the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Features an excellent English voice cast, and leaves everything else from the original anime intact.
Project YGO is an excellent idea. The series needed it...badly.
by Mai Valentine August 06, 2009
The Star-Spangled Banner was a poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key about the Defence of Fort McHenry, which later became the american patriotic song.

It's also the one song when can tell a distinct difference in singing talent between vocal/musical legends who have proven themselves time and again and teen popstars when they sing it at football games or anywhere else.
The Star-Spangled Banner was a poem written in 1814 about the Defence of Fort McHenry, which later became the american patriotic song. It's also the "sorting hat" in the vocalist world.

Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Jimi Hendrix guitar Vietnam message...hell, even Mariah Carey.


Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, etc.
by Mai Valentine December 14, 2010

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