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2 definitions by Mahogany Potato

1. When a few maoris turn their Waka (Maori Canoe) upside down then they all put their heads in the airbubble bit thats upside down and go along the beach trying to scare off white people so they can claim the beach.

2. When a maori swims underwater and takes a shit. Then swims back up and says "lookout bo a maori submarine is coming to surface" and then the poo surfaces and floats around - scaring while people off the beach so the maori can claim it.
1. o bro we got a sub in the navy bo look at my waka upside down G.

2. o bro i just shat underwater so theres guna be a maori submarine surfacing G. get ready to claim the beach boi.
by Mahogany Potato June 20, 2006
112 40
When you call someone a 'Hooper' either they have excrimented in a bush, or a man who is the result of Tasmanian Inbreeding and takes it in the ring, see hoopajew
A buttplug is a Hooper or a hoopajew
Hey you just crapped in that bush! You Hooper!
Whats that? Your mother is your sister? You are a Hooper!
by Mahogany Potato June 05, 2006
39 53