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Essentially a hi to everyone, including anyone who would've thought that they were not really included in an "hi all" or "hi everybody".

Person-wise omnidirectional hi is omnidirectional in the landscape of people.
raging_unicorn has entered the chat*
platter:yeah, laserbearmass infused beetle is omnisuperior
giordioio: nah, beetle-inducement applied laserbearmass is the best.
raging_unicorn: omnihi :) btw, infusement of beetle with laserbearmass is the best.
by Mahdiou November 12, 2009
A less extreme word on the same scale of magnitude-description as shitloads, both in coarseness and extremity of magnitude conveyed. It is also cuter.
Piracetam helped me poopscoops when it came to "reclaiming" some sorts of brain function.
by mahdiou February 09, 2011
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