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3 definitions by Mahalie

1. To kill an enemy in a first person shooter.

2. Short for fragmentation (grenade).
1. Last night I got 200 frags in an hour.

2. Use the frag grenade to kill the guy behind the wall.
by Mahalie April 09, 2005
1. Short for artillery.

2. To ejaculate.
1. Watch out! They're using arty on us!

2. Did you just arty on the floor again?
by Mahalie April 09, 2005
1. (n) shat.

2. (v) to shat.
1. Alright, alright.. I'll clean the boast of the floor, but you're doing it next time.

2. Mr. Fuller is boasting all over the floor...AGAIN!
2. Did you boast in the mailbox?
by Mahalie April 11, 2005