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1. a fifth generation pokemon.
2. a person who looks very thin.
3. a person, usually a woman, who is extremely slutty and easy, has alcoholic tendencies since they drink so much, very bitchy. see: scrag
1. Scraggy, I choose you!
2. Her kids look really scraggy. She should probably feed them better.
3. Damn, that bitch looks scraggy as hell. I'm gonna try and get it in with her. I need to get laid tonight anyway.
#scrag #pokemon #slut #bitchy #woman #easy #alcohol
by MagyIsAwesomer February 23, 2011
1. A woman who flies from one man to the next. Can also be applied to males.

2. When birds eat, their heads kind of bob back and forth. This term is used for women or men who suck a lot of dick.
1. This chick had three boyfriends this past week. She is such a bird.

2. Last night at the party, Madison sucked my dick, Jack's dick, Vincent's, and Gabriel's. No wonder everyone calls her a bird.
#blowjob #blow job #slut #whore #smut
by MagyIsAwesomer February 21, 2009
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