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A really piece of crap forum "moderated" by scumbags, including the senior moderators- as well as filled with realtors and low lives who will begin an argument out of nowhere. The wannabe moderators who in reality are loser users who are supported by the even more loser senior moderators will delete/close ANY thread they don't like or that they perceive as "trolling" material, like a thread about why Georgia has many places ending with A, there is absolutely no tolerance for humor and the rules are insanely stupid. Examples of rules: "no "I am leaving" threads, no threads about moderation in the "about the forum" category, no "specific city threads" in the U.S. general forum... And you can't close your account, the only way to get out of the shithole is to troll around until you get banned or ask the senior moderator to ban you and he will quickly assist you in your plea. Don't direct message them about moderators they will not do anything. Moderators are allowed to mock users and disrespect their threads but you can't even respond back to them at their public profile pages or they will give you an infraction.
"Many funny names of cities in Georgia ending with "A""
Moderator deletes the thread- Reason: Trolling
"What's up with moderators here"
Moderator deletes the thread- Reason: DM the senior moderator on this matter, you are violating the terms of service by starting this thread.
To senior moderator: "I am not happy with the moderation here, etc. etc."
To senior moderator: "Ban me please"

A few minutes later

"You have been banned from the forums"
Reason: per request
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

Ex-member: Thank goodness I left City-Data Forum, what a f piece of shit site!
by Magolor_Marxian March 09, 2013

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