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The awesome single of Kirk VanHouten from the TV show, the Simpsons.
"Can I borrow a Feeling?
Can you lend me a Jar of Love?
Hurtin' Hearts need some healing,
Take my hand with your glove of love."
by Magnum TOKYO May 18, 2006
1.) The act of ejaculating in a persons hair
2.) A term used to describe someone who has or has recently had semen in their hair
Dude, I totally gave that girl jizz lice
by Magnum TOKYO April 24, 2006
Short for Hockey Night in Canada. Famous for broadcasting hockey on Saturday Nights for the past 53 years.
Did you see the Sabres kick the Leafs ass on H.N.I.C.?
by Magnum TOKYO April 24, 2006
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