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When an "player" has so many girlfriends at the same time that managing them all is much like the board game Jenga. Take one out and the whole thing might collapse.
" A couple of Steve's chicks found out about each other and it all came crashing down on him. Guess he played Va-jenga for too long!"
by Magno Jimenez August 30, 2007
To enact revenge upon an individual through the medium known as the internet.
"Remember when douchebag-John stole that hot chick away from my bro the other night? Well I got E-venge on him by hacking into his myspace! Under his interests you will now find: 'the sweet taste of a nice flaccid penis'! Not bad, huh?"
by Magno Jimenez August 18, 2007
the last drop of semen that is hanging at the tip of a man's penis after ejaculation. Pronounced "Leh - dew"
"Man, I accidently got les deux on my t-shirt!!! this is all your fault, you temptress!"
by Magno Jimenez December 17, 2007
To turn off any device that people can reach you with (cell phone, two-way, computer, home phone, morse code, etc.) in order to avoid someone.
Megan is blacking out Brent because he was acting like a dick. She don't play that!
by Magno Jimenez December 17, 2007
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