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Sweating like a Whore on Night Shift. Sweating profously like a Prostitute after servicing one sleazy client after the other in a marathon of immoral transactions. In the same league as "Sweating like a Rapist" or "Sweating like a Paedophile in a playground"!
Betty: Oh the heat would kill you in here!
Mark: I know, I'm Sweating like a Whore on Night Shift!
Betty: Less of the swearing you!
Mark: Aw right then, I'm sweatin like Pavarotti in a cake shop!
Betty: Better!
by Magnesium Sulphate March 23, 2006
In Scotland this is pronounced "If ye never Had a Shuck Ye'd Droon" but to the rest of the English speaking world would be pronounced as "If You Never Had a Shuck You Would Drown!" This means that if you didn't have an Arse Crack you would drown in your own Sweat. This emplies that the Arse Crack is some sort of Drainage system for sweat to seep away and without it there would be a build up of sweat which would eventually drown the Sufferer.
Kathy: Oh Betty the sweat's lashin' out of me!
Betty: Aye...If Ye Never Had a Shuck Ye'd Droon!
by Magnesium Sulphate March 23, 2006
Meaning: "Give You the Jaundice" often used as a sign of disgust. Often having the same meaning as "That would make you sick".
Mark: Look Betty I've Just Eaten this Mouldy Piece of Bread.
Betty: That is Disgusting, That Would "Gee Ye The Jaundies"
by Magnesium Sulphate February 17, 2006

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