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10 definitions by Magmeezie

1. In addition to being an antiquarian reference to something which has grand qualities, a reference to someone's supposed homosexuality.

2. Having, or possessing, homosexual tendencies and/or traits.
"I think Rick is a little 'sweet', if you ask me."
by Magmeezie August 27, 2003
1. Awesome; something truly awe-inspiring.

2. Something so cool, it leaves one without the ability to explain its greatness.
Linda: Did you see dudes rims? They were potent!

Sheranda: Yeah. I bet he's got major mail!
by Magmeezie August 27, 2003
A San Francisco Bay-Area based rapper.

Very innovative for his time (1991-Present), although he has been releasing several lackluster albums as of late.
"E-40 is the purveyor of 'savage ebonics'."
by Magmeezie August 29, 2003