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1.term formerly used to describe the BEST friend of a person,now used by teenage girls to describe MOST of their friends
2.better friend in a group of friends
Kelsey:"hey jen,am i your "best friend"?"
Jen:"yes,of corse"
Ashley:"hey Jen!"
Jen: "oh hey "best friend""
Kelsey: "WTF?"
by Magicoa April 08, 2010
1.Ruining something new;spoiling someone's fun

2.Making something good look bad

Part of speech: verb

Other forms:to jizz on the cake,jizzed on the cake

Possessive: jizzing on my/her/his/their cake
Pete:"check out my sweet new ride"
John:"ehh it has some little scratch marks over here"
Pete:"ok so its used"
John" and these rims arent that nice"
Pete:"Stop jizzing on the cake!!!"
by Magicoa October 24, 2009

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