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4 definitions by Magic striss

Instead of saying "of course", you say "of coors"...like the beer.
Magic Chris: "Are you going to the football game tonight?"

Bob Swersky: "Of coors."
by Magic striss March 12, 2009
A Milfmobile is a car in which a MILF commonly drives during the day. The destinations a MILF chooses to go in the "Milfmobile" are shopping, taking the kids to school, or coming back from the gym. A Milf specifically drives a black range rover, sometimes gray.
Steve: "Hey! Look at that black range rover!"

Josh: "Yea bro, thats SUCH a Milfmobile..."
by Magic striss March 13, 2009
In Fresno,the universal meeting place for all MILF's. They gather to get their car wash, buy their kids some tasty treats, or to simply hang out. They are most commonly found driving their black Range Rovers, or "Milfmobiles", at around 10-11am on Sundays.
Jahn: "Hey are you going to Jack's Car Wash?"

Saggy: "Yeah dude all the MILFS will be there!"
by Magic striss March 13, 2009
Another name for TacoBell, used by white people. The hotspot for beaners.
John: "Do you want to eat at VatoBell?"

Brad: "No bro, it's for beaners..."
by Magic striss March 13, 2009