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this is a huge fan of slipknot,they know everything about them.
basicly someone who is proud to be a Maggot(like me),and they will even die for the band....thes are diffrent form slipknot fans,slipknot fans like the band on a certain level...they dont deserve to be called maggots.
slipknot fan 1:dude i just love the song vermillion.
slipknot fan 2:i know right..

Maggot 1:dude did you know vermillion has 3 parts and that is about corey taylor getting something thats impoprtant to him that nothing acn explan how he feals about her?
Maggit 2:dude i know,but i think vermillion part 2bloodstone remix is good to,off of all hope is gone dont you?
by Maggotforlife December 23, 2010

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