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A person, male or female, whose repressed homosexuality is so severe that he/ she must make derogatory statements/ attack open homosexuals. (see "infinity docking"). These individuals are so filled w/ self loathing that they are compelled to slander those who choose to live happy homosexual lives to avoid their own identities.
The butt spy on the footbaall team mocked the gay member of the marching band while secretly checking out his ass.
by Maggie The Cat April 20, 2013
The mysterious combination of a penis and a vagina that is found on certain intersexes and hermaphrodites. An organ that can neither be classified as a really huge clitoris or a really small penis. Fused labia can only be deferentiated from a tiny scrotum by poking around for testies and/or ovaries.

Not to be confused with the vapena, the pegina, or the vagipenialginas
You - what the heck it that?
Hermaphrodite - oh, that's my paginis, do you like it?
You - I'm not sure. How does it work?
by Maggie the Cat September 22, 2005
A borderline psychotic episode induced by over indulgence (or any indulgence at all) of Long Island Iced Tea(s).
My friend had to be escorted out through the bar alley due to a Long Island meltdown triggered by a joke about some guy looking like "The Brain Surgeon" from the show, Dexter.
by Maggie The Cat September 25, 2014
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