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Awsome band with strong political views.

They kick ass...go buy A New Kind Of Army
The president got caught getting head
so soon some people will be dead
Iraqi bodies scattered around
By the cluster bomb that land in their barracks and their homes
by Maggie Loves Jon April 24, 2004
Best song by the best band.


on the sumlime lp
we took this trip to garden grove...
smell like lou's dog inside the van
Oh yeah
This ain't no fucky reggae party
5 dollas at the door, it gets so real sometimes
by Maggie Loves Jon May 01, 2004
Band that is known as " street punk " and is really good. Known for their Album Dead Yuppies and great songs like Love to be Hated and Gotta Go.
I know somebody somewhere is gonna love me - LOVE ME
I know somebody somewhere is gonna hate me - Oh yeah
Well I'm loved and I'm hated, loved and I'm hated, loved and I'm hated, well i love love love love love to be hated
by Maggie loves Jon April 16, 2004
The nicknames given to idiots who jump around the locker room until their boxers fall down and their small dick is there for everyone to see. (helps if ur last name is sweeny)
See our schools football quarterback.
by Maggie Loves Jon August 24, 2004
Most annoying song ever written. it makes me want to put bullets into both my ears.
andree something or other: Hey Yaa!
me: *smacks*
by Maggie Loves Jon May 01, 2004
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