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For a man to take a shit in a girl's vagina.
He had himself a Louisiana hot pocket last night. *wink wink*
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
A party in which only the game "Dead Rising" is played for hours at a time with about five or six people. The goal is to see how many zombies one can kill. Can be shortened to bash-fest
Dude, we had a zombie bash-fest last night, Bob got like 170, it was sweet-ass.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
Someone who dates purposely to take someone's v card; also called hit it and quit it.
Stay away from Tom, he's a real card puncher.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
Secret Society of putt-putt. It was originally invented to talk about how far one had gone in bed in front of a teacher or an unknowing classmate, but now has become widely known and spread.

The sspp has

Square: a mouth virgin, has not done anything with anyone.

Triangle: someone who has kissed but has not tongue-kissed.

Candy-striper: someone who has tongue kissed but not gone further.

Windmill: Anything in between sexual intercourse and candystriping is reffered to as windmilling it or putt-putting.

Sock: to have sex with one to five partners.

Double sock: To have sex with five to ten partners.

Triple sock: Ten to twenty partners.

Sock god: someone who has done it with a multitude of people. Can also mean someone who is excellent in bed.

Background: The word "sock" comes from the act of doing it with your socks on. Putt-putting means to be having sexual activity, but is only sexual intercourse when reffered to as a "hole-in-one".
She's an all-star member of the SSPP club; she's socked it with lots of guys.

They were up playing putt-putt all night.

You're a sock!

He totally socked it.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
Comes from the first time someone had sex on a quilt on top of a hardwood floor. It is the moment in which the person on bottom (usually female) begins to be scooted up across the floor. This can be used in more than one way; i.e. to swiffer, swiffered, to get swiffered.
Matthew: How was that swiffering last night?

John: Let's just say it was on wet vac.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006
A person who has had sex before. The act of having sex.
She's a total sock now.

They were socking it last night.
by Maggie Cunningham September 01, 2006

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