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Hokay, so. There was the regular set-up, right, with the opressive dictators and the valiant underdogs. So the valiant underdogs, the Maccabees (if that sounds familiar, there's a soccer club by that name) go and valiantly retake the Jewish Holy Temple (this was before it got detsroyed {again}). And to symbolise their success, after they clean it up and wipe the graffitti off the walls, they have to light the Menorah, big candlabra style thing. Only they have enough oil for ONE day, and it'll take eight for extra oil to arrive. But God intervenes, as per usual, and miraculously the one little jar of oil lasts eight days. This is probably because the little jar of oil was an underdog.

On Hannukka (or Hanuka, Hanukah, Chanuka, Chanukka, Channukka, etc - only holiday in the world nobody can agree on how to spell) all the Jews celebrate the miraculous Miracle by lighting a Hannukkia (like a Menorah, only with eight branch thingies) and giving all the kids bushels of presents. Also chocolate happens.
Yay, Hanukah's next week, I think my Gran's gonna give me a new mobile!
by Maggie Bloome August 18, 2005
Smoker. Possibly derived from tar-lungs or similar.

Pronounced Tah Ree, emphasis on the first syllable.
I had to wait for the bus standing up cos some tarrie was breathing smoke all over the shelter.
by Maggie Bloome August 16, 2005

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