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Will you buy me a drink if I tell you.
In the pub (that used to be a church!,)at the Royal Hotel, in Pilgrims Rest, Mpumalanga, South Africa - there is a board with these letters carved into it - WYBMADIITY. It is almost guaranteed that overseas visitors will glance at it and then ask the barman - "Oy what does 'wybmadiity' mean?" - He responds casually, "Will you buy me a drink if I tell you?" They invariably agree to do so and only then after further clarity and payment for the barman's drink do they finally get it, that is what it means.
by Maggie - MaXerox January 01, 2007
On your back you bitch - Said as follows - Oh whybee, whybee!
Whilst working as a barmaid in the 1980's at White River Hotel, Mpumalanga, South Africa this was used by the local young males to assess the status of the females entering the local pub. If she was particularly attractive they would turn and say to their friends and I - 'oybyb!". This caused much snickering and perving by the 'boys' in the know.This would be their ultimate desire, fulfilled!
by Maggie - MaXerox January 01, 2007

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