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Wing Chun is an advanced and ultra effective method of self defence. There is a balanced focus on both internal and external development bringing the best from these two, often distinct, ends of the martial arts spectrum.

The style is based on the natural motions of the human body, drawing upon the inherent abilities of our physiology. Promoting the use of natural structure and natural movements to defend against stronger opponents. By learning and developing the 13 principles of Wing Chun, a person learns how to use their body and mind in the most efficient and effective way possible.

By learning how one can and cannot move ones body in relation to an endless variety of situations, whilst remaining calm and controlled, awareness is raised of capabilities and limitations. This enhanced awareness gained by testing and understanding physical boundaries through Wing Chun training greatly improves abilities in all other physical activities.

Wing chun is a traditional Southern Chinese martial art geared towards survival, the only rule is to win at any cost. The fundamental flaw in comparing Wing Chun to MMA is that the goals are different. Wing Chun is a continually evolving martial art and it's logical principles can and are being applied to ground fighting in the modern day. The Wing Chun principles are able to be applied to any situation MMA included. In Wing Chun the practicioner uses a training method known as Chi Sao to practice techniques and develop the touch sensitivity and reflexes.

Many think that Wing Chun does not have anti-grappling movements, forgetting that the art was created to defeat the Shaolin methods (many of which are grappling, takedown and fighting methods). Yes, Wing Chun DOES have anti-grappling and anti-takedown movements. In fact, the first and second movements of the wooden dummy are exclusively for that very thing.

In MMA all you train for as a fighter is strictly to win fights. While traditional Martial Arts also has victory as the main pursuit Wing Chun seeks to cultivate a longer range view: a lifetime of health and well being, emotional control, social responsibility, self respect and respect for others, stress relief and emphasis on healing among other things, as being equal to fighting prowess.

by Magenta K March 10, 2009

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