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It's not disturbing, just really sad to see an image of someone living such a painful exsistence. It's sad & not scary, it's not something to be feared or nervously laughed at.....it's a diseas but their still humans-there are ppl who look more human but couldn't be more disturbed on the inside-fear & be disturbed by them, not a little baby/human/fetus.............it's the most inhumane thing to do, to say it's disturbing is wrong.
They are little humans inside
by MagdaGobles June 19, 2005
A woman who has exclusive sexual & emotional attachments/desires for other females
It's the equal love between woman, as opossed to the unballanced relationships of man/woman were one is the submissive.
by MagdaGobles June 19, 2005
My fav serial killer of all time, only killed two (believed to have killed more), Necrophilliac with a transgendered twist......he longed to have the genitalia of a woman. Movies such as psycho, silence of the lambs are based somewhat loosely on this man. He mad a suit of of human flesh, a belt outa nipples (sweet lol), a bowl soup outa heads and a chair furnished with human skin. Now that interior design.

Edward Theodore Gein (August 27, 1906 - July 26, 1984),was one of the most notorious serial killers of the United States. Although he may have committed "only" two murders, the particularly bizarre and morbid nature of his crimes shocked the world.

Ed Gein was born to George and Augusta Gein on August 27, 1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Geins were a notably dysfunctional family. George was a violent man who could not keep a job. He usually spent his days brooding on the front porch and consuming liquor. Gein rejected his violent, aimless father, as did his older brother Henry and especially Augusta, who treated him like a non-entity. Despite her deep contempt for George, the atrophic marriage persisted, for, under Augusta's strict moral code (with its roots in fanatical Evangelicalism), divorce was not an option. She operated the small family grocery store and eventually purchased a farm on the outskirts of another small town by the name of Plainfield, which thereafter became Ed's permanent home. He often liked to dance the jig at town socials. Augusta decided to move to this desolate location to prevent outsiders from influencing her sons. Gein only left the premises to go to school and Augusta blocked any attempt he made to pursue friendships. Aside from school, Ed spent most of his free time doing chores on the farm. Augusta, who was fanatically religious, drummed into her boys the innate immorality of the world, the evil of drink, and - above all -- that all women (herself, of course, excepted) were whores. According to Augusta, the only acceptable form of sex was for procreation. She reserved time every afternoon to read scriptures from the Bible to them, usually selecting graphic verses from the Old Testament dealing with death, murder, and divine retribution. When Ed reached puberty, Augusta became even more fanatical towards her son, once dousing him in scalding water after she caught him masturbating in the bathtub.

Considering Ed's effeminate demeanor, it's no surprise that he was a target for bullies. Ed was also notorious for a permanent lopsided grin that was even displayed during serious conversations. Classmates and teachers recall other off-putting mannerisms, such as seemingly random laughter, as if he was laughing at his own personal joke. Despite Ed's poor social development, he managed to do fairly well in school, particularly in reading. It is argued by some researchers that Ed's detrimental childhood experiences were a contributing factor in his later behavior.

By the time George died in 1940, Henry had begun to reject Augusta's warped view of the world. He had even taken to bad-mouthing her within earshot of his mortified brother. In March of 1944, the brothers found themselves in the middle of a brush fire on the farm. When Gein ran to get the police, he told them he had lost sight of Henry, but then led them directly to his brother's corpse. Although there was evidence Henry had suffered blunt trauma to the head, police decided he died of asphyxiation while fighting the fire.

What little holds Ed had left on rational behavior and reality were lost when, on December 29, 1945, Augusta died of cancer. At the funeral, the 39-year old sobbed uncontrollably, utterly devastated. Ed had grown up terrified of human contact, especially women; he never dated, and was almost certainly a virgin. While she sometimes berated him for being a failure like his father, more often than not, Augusta nurtured the bizarre, Oedipal devotion she had planted into his psyche decades ago. She would talk softly to Ed, tell him that he was a "good boy", and let him sleep with her. Police would later find every room in the Gein house a filthy mess, save for the sitting room and Augusta's bedroom, which Ed had kept spotless in homage to her.

The murders
Police investigating the disappearance of a store clerk named Bernice Worden in Plainfield, Wisconsin on November 16, 1957 suspected Gein to be involved. Upon entry to the shed on his property, they discovered Wordon's corpse, decapitated, hanging upside down by the ankles and split open down the torso like a deer. The mutilations had been performed post mortem; she had been killed with a close-range rifle blast.

Searching the house, authorities found severed heads acting as bedposts in the bedroom, skin used to make lampshades and chair seats, skullcaps made into soup bowls, a human heart in a brown paper bag beside the stove (often mistakenly believed to have been found in the frying pan), a necklace of human lips, a waistcoat made up of a vagina and breasts, and many more items fashioned from the parts of human bodies including a belt fashioned from nipples. Above all, Ed Gein's most infamous creation was an entire wardrobe fabricated of human skin consisting of: leggings, a gutted torso (including breasts) and an array of tanned, dead skin masks that looked leathery and almost mummified. All of these items were confirmed to be used as props for his late night rituals, in which Gein would dress himself as a woman and dance beneath the moonlight while banging pots and pans.

Under questionning, Gein freely admitted that he would dig up the graves of recently buried middle-aged women he thought resembled his mother and take the bodies home where he tanned their skin to make his macabre possessions. He also practiced cannibalism, devouring pieces of the exhumed corpses; Gein believed that by eating pieces of the women, he could keep his mother's soul alive inside his own body. Gein also participated in a stunted form of necrophilia, achieving sexual pleasure by playing with the mutilated sexual organs of corpses. After he began to practice cannibalism, Gein occasionally assumed his mother's identity and would carry on conversations with himself in a falsetto voice. During interrogation, Gein also admitted to the murder by shooting of Mary Hogan, a local tavern employee who had been missing since 1954.

Gein was pronounced insane and spent the rest of his life in a mental institution where he died in 1984 of natural causes. He was buried in the graveyard he had spent much of his life desecrating.

Vandalism to Ed's grave site near his parents' included many years of stone pieces chipped off for souveniers until his gravestone was finally stolen. His grave is now unmarked.
Psycho and Lambs, both movies based on this guy
by MagdaGobles June 19, 2005
Hitler's first lady, she had a lot of influence over him. Better known as J. Goebbels the propagandist's wife
Zeit Heil..................
by MagdaGobles June 19, 2005
Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889–April 30, 1945) was the Führer und Reichskanzler (Leader and Imperial chancellor) of Germany from 1933 to his death. He was leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), better known as the Nazi Party.

He came from a working class family and dreamed of being a painter, his ruthless farther said 'over my dead body' and so it was that when His farther died he took up his dream of being a romantic painter, & a shite one at that. However his father's voice echoed on and he joined the army were he became hysterically blind, A psychiatrist who helped Hitler during this time has a lot to be blamed for, Hitler was a nobody, poor grades, lazy and hopless....This psychiatrist restored faith in Hitler and told him he could do magnificent things if he chose to, so he did. The reason why I admire Hitler is that he is underestimated, even in his day....he was an average Joe who cared for his country in the wrong way and achieved great things. Plus for someone to manipulate an entire country, German mostly had no idea of the sickness and evil inflicted on jews or ethnic groups aka 'mud races'...is quite an achievement. I think Hitler and Nazis had to happen, it was and still is one of humanities darkest hours.......we wouldn't be were we are now if this didn't happen. If Hitler didn't do it, some other Christian with his built in antisemetics would have.
Joe Stalin Vs Adolf Hitler both have a lot in commmon-who was the greater man, I say Stalin.
by MagdaGobles June 19, 2005

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