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2 definitions by Maf Callow

Specifically, a word used when you're certain if you say "Tomorrow" someone will say "Surely you mean later today?", and if you say "Later today" someone will say "but I'm about to go to bed, it's 5:45am ffs!"
"Look, it's getting light, it's too late for this - let's get some sleep and discuss it todorrow"

or, if it's *really* late; it can be used as
"It's so late, it's practically todorrow" - which of course is impossible, by definition
by Maf Callow February 09, 2006
7 1
To learn a new word. A combination of Lexicon and Exercise.
Upon hearing the definition of 'Interrobang' I lexicised it immediatedly.
by Maf Callow February 28, 2006
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