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A form of self obsession. Someone who has a case of narcissim is a excessive self admirer.
A personality disorder characterized by ones obsession of his or her own appearance and has an excessive need for admiration. In some cases he or she may feel self-directed sexual desire.
A example of Narcissism is:
Talking into a mirror telling oneself how sexy they are and how they have a nice figure etc.

by Maevie April 16, 2006
Some one who talks like a Yer from Southmead, Bristol (England). A meader is commonaly a chav due to the rough area lived in :] The girls are normally pregnent before they even turn 20 :] CHAVS.
Look at that meader. What a fucking chav acting all hard.

Meader: "Yerrrr Dat Gals Gurt Lush Init."
by Maevie April 16, 2006

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