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(v.) to speak broken Spanish on purpose, especially when trying to feign one's proficiency with the language

(v.) hablar Espanol mal a proposito, especialmente mientras tratar de parecer competente con el idioma
#1: Dude, we should speak Spanish to impress my cool friend Alejandro.
#2: No, dude, we suck at Spanish. He will hate us.
#1: Not if we entoncear. Then he will think we're just joking.
#2: Aight, let's do this.

Examples of entoncear:

Estoy corriendo a fuera de tiempo
(I'm running out of time)

Tenemos razon espalda donde empecemos
(We're right back where we started)

Mae, yo justo estaba hijoando
(Dude, I was just kidding)
by Maeteo August 22, 2011

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