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4 definitions by Maestrodamuz

To have sexual intercourse
1. I wish Haile Berry will one day kpansh me.

2. The amount of kpanshing going on in this town is alarming, can you see the joy on their faces?

3. He finally got kpanshed, ending 40 years on the road as a virgin, we rejoice with him.
by Maestrodamuz May 16, 2011
A post on twitter that is so funny you laughed so hard and died.
@XYZ: I just mistakenly smoked dried horse sh*t, i thought it was weed :(
@123: *DEAD*
by Maestrodamuz May 16, 2011
A situation on twitter where two obviously bored aliens engage in a back and forth war with 140 characters of ammunition, mostly accompanied by revelation of secrets like sex for blackberry bold to mention just a few.
1. @speakyourmindd : twitfight!!!!!!!! Piers Morgan & Sir Sugar are at it again!!

2. There was a twitfight between Rihanna and Ciara again yesterday, Ciara accused her of kpanshing Ray J for a blackberry bold
by Maestrodamuz May 16, 2011
A post on twitter so wack, worthless, and possibly senseless that leaves you wondering if the author ever went to school.
@123XYZ: Education is for the weak

@ABC: #Dead....get a life bozo!
by Maestrodamuz May 16, 2011