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The sexy hexy guitarist for the German band Tokio Hotel that won the 2009 MTV EMA award for Best Group.

Famous for his attire, laidback attitude about sex (though he is now on the lookout for love), endless supply of sex jokes, and being ten minutes older than TH's vocalist, Bill Kaulitz. Some of Tom's other claims to fame include singing the harmony at the end of Monsoon (fifty seconds that has lead the TH fanbase to call it the Tom chorus), saying "sexy hexy" in one of the TH TV videos, humping his flying-V during concerts, and slapping one of the veiled TH stalkers while telling her to stay away from him, the band, and the Kaulitz family. He backup sings "raise your hands together” in the chorus of Raise Your Hands in both versions, along with Georg Listing.

Despite being a sex-obsessed playboy, Tom’s a pretty cool guitarist--though he doesn't know the first thing about reading music (he taught himself to pick out chords). His fanbase is made up of people who dream that they can change Tom from the luster that he identifies as, to a lover.

He has a lip ring, pierced ears, and wears baggy clothing. He used to have dreadlocks, but now has black cornrows. (Wanksta/wigger.)

TH's latest album Humanoid, has reminded fans that he's super-sexy hexy Tom Kaulitz. Thousands hope to be the one to change him. Change may be on Tom's current agenda, but fame and fortune are definitely at the forefront--he's a star, and he does what he wants.
Lexi: Tom. is. so. sexii hexii.
Razzle: Who?
Razzle: Please don't talk about him.
Razzle: Ew.
by Maerylihn November 07, 2009
(or sexii hexii)

The saying that is now used to describe him is probably closely linked to guitarist Tom Kaulitz of the band Tokio Hotel because of a clip from some official Tokio Hotel video, in which the Kaulitz twins say "sexy sexy".

Except when Tom says it, it comes out, "sexy hexy".

Cue very very very very very loud and high-pitched fangirl squeal.

The saying is used most often to describe either Tom or something about him.

(Video probably be found if one searches "Bill and Tom say sexy, sexy" on Youtube. Although that might just lead you to a bunch of fanvids. If you look long enough, you´ll find it, and if you searched sexy hexy on here, you´re probably obsessed enough to look. Fangirls unite and all that.)
Tom: *low, accented drawl* Sexy hexy (seck-zee heck-zee).
Bill: *higher-pitched, slightly less accent* Sexehh sexxeh.


Lexi: Hey, have you urbandictionaried sexy hexy yet?
Razzle: No...
Razzle: Uhm...you know the answer to this.
by Maerylihn June 27, 2009
(or sexii hexii)

Two words: Tom Kaulitz.

That's right. Sexy hexy can be used as either an adjective or noun in relation to German band, Tokio Hotel's (now) cornrowed, once-dreadlocked, baggy pants-wearing, wanksta/wigger, older-Kaulitz-twin guitarist, Tom.

It's pretty much in relation to how attractive he is. Especially his jawline. Or, you know, just him. Sometimes about his brother, Bill Kaulitz, but 99.99999 percent of the time, about Tom.

(Can be used for other celebrities, I suppose, but I have never come across for anyone else.)
Lexi: OMFG! It's Tom Kaulitz! AHHHH!
Ilana: Who?
Santi: Oh no, here we go again.


Lexi: Check out that sexy hexy jawline of Tom's. *drools*
by Maerylihn June 23, 2009
The last 50 seconds-1 minute of the album version of the song Monsoon, which is the English version of Durch den Monsun, by the German alternative-rock-pop sensation Tokio Hotel.

Bill Kaulitz, the younger of the Kaulitz twins, usually sings all the vocals, except during live performances when bassist, Georg Listing, backs-up. Also, during the song Raise Your Hands (German: Wo Sinde Eure Hande), guitarist-and-elder-twin, Tom Kaulitz, joins Georg and Bill in the chorus.

However, the Tom chorus is usually a reference to Tom's back-up vocals in track two (Monsoon) of the band's English Album: Scream. Tom sings a harmony during the last chorus of the song, creating a bit of low-voiced chaos behind Bill's vocals.

Monsoon can, of course, be found on YouTube, iTunes, and almost any other music site, given that it is one of Tokio Hotel's top English hits. The German version, however, does not have this back-up vocal effect, and, there is wide-spread controversy between TH fans about whether or not the vocals really are those of sexy hexy Tom, instead of a voice-over by Bill.

Most Tom-fans are fairly sure it's him singing, and have even edited out Bill's vocals before posting minute-long clips of the chorus on various websites. The low, guttural vocals do sound a lot more like Tom than Bill's usually clean (both singing and speaking), clipped tone. There are even versions where fans have edited out the crescendo of the instruments as well.

Note: One might say that the chorus in Raise Your Hands could also be called a Tom chorus, given that he sings in it. However, the explosion of noise created by the harmony in Monsoon, which is probably supposed to remind the listener of a monsoon, is much more noticeable than that of RYH.
"Running through the monsoon, beyond the world..."
Santi: "What are you listening to?"
Lexi: "Tokio Hotel, of course! I'm listening to the Tom chorus."
Santi: "The what?"
Lexi: "You know, where Tom is singing the chorus of Monsoon? Someone edited the original song by ramping up Tom's vocals and then they posted it on youtube. Love it."
Lotus: "I'm sure Santi doesn't want to know."
Lexi: "BUT GUYS! Tom's so sexii hexii! I'm like, irrevocably addicted to the Tom chorus!"
by Maerylihn August 18, 2009
the friendship that a bromance / group of close male friends shares.
1/ sarah: hey why aren't you and your bf hanging tonight?
jane: oh, he's combo meal-ing with his bros. that's why you and i can do girls' night out.

2/ i love you, man, is a perfect example of a bromantic comedy in which the guys have a combo meal going on.

3/ in white collar, peter burke and neal caffrey have a great combo meal.

4/ most guys have a group of guy friends or at least one close guy friend with whom they share a combo meal of friendship.
by Maerylihn September 05, 2010

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