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5 definitions by Maeghan

Making noises in a funny gesture
MnIaFg look danny koreys hand is touching giselles booty!
by Maeghan June 16, 2004
Nickname given to him/her by an absurde teacher used in a mocking way.
That megipo is so crazy!
by Maeghan April 20, 2005
a bird is a female or male who gives head.
there is this girl giselle who may want to be a bird to this kid hines like the ketchup if he asked her to...
by Maeghan June 15, 2004
to sexually please someone very well
giselle would really like to put korey the ketchup in a heavy rotation
by maeghan June 14, 2004
a female who works her ass off and is slave like.
I work at a tanning salon and everyone calls me Cinderella
by Maeghan June 15, 2004