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An unfortunate gelatinous sweaty buildup on the grundle (which is the hair and area between your genitals and arse-hole).

I pulled off my jock and found a pat of grundle butter on it.
by madmark65 October 28, 2003
An old, dried up punani (SEE Definition for "punani")
That dumb loud mouth Sharon Stone agreed to do the sequel for Basic Instinct; let's hope we don't have a redux of the crotch shot where she reveals her prunani in the interrogation room 14 years after the first time.
by Madmark65 April 05, 2006
Just like "bennifer" except that the culprits are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston.

See definition for "bennifer."
See definition for "brannifer."
by madmark65 August 03, 2004
How kids in Brooklyn, New York pronounce the word "whore."
You mother is a fucking dirty hooah.
by madmark65 October 07, 2003
When management of a venture-backed company miss their numbers.
Molly Ashby always loved the opportunity to tell her fellow board members that management screwed the pooch last quarter; Brian Watson creamed his pants when she said that.
by madmark65 July 24, 2004
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