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1 - (n) A terrible gamer in terms of both skill and etiquette.

2 - (v) To be overtly and obliviously obnoxious to others around you.
"That guy completely ruined the raid last night, he was a total cow bean."

"Hey man, quit cow beaning, we don't need to hear you eat those doritos."
by MadMardigan November 12, 2014
(fife-oh) n. A woman who is attractive from afar but once seen up close is quite the opposite. (F)ifty-(Y)ard (F)ake (O)ut.

Etymology: A football move from 50 yards away which causes a player on the opposing team to commit toward the wrong side of the field.
It was a good thing my bus sloshed mud onto that fyfo because I was considering making contact with her.
by Madmardigan June 25, 2004

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