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4 definitions by Madlove2010

A mini trampoline that provides low impact cardio workout while bouncing.
by Madlove2010 February 07, 2010
Evolution of the thumb, the digit will become longer due to texting skills. Future generations will have an advantage when texting.
Your textthumb can reach all the letters quickly.
This skill will be inherited. Contests will be held for the dexterity & speed of the textors
by madlove2010 March 04, 2010
East coast pronunciation for a piece of paper that gives you money off a product you're buying
coupon used a q-pon at the store today
by madlove2010 February 16, 2010
a hula hoop enthusiast
I would like to challenge Michelle Obama to a hula hoop competition cause I'm a hoople from way back
by madlove2010 February 26, 2010