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This wonderful city has beautiful views over looking the entire valley and terrific 10,000 sq/ft homes that come with it. There are many reasons why Scottsdale is one of the nicest cities in the U.S. one being its location. Where else can you be 2 hours from snow, 4 hours from Mexico, 6 hours from San Diego beaches, and have 340 days of wonderful sun a year? I am from Scottsdale and I am not a snob. I work hard to keep my $6,000 Jeep running and even though there are people with rediculous amounts of money, I still have yet to run into a snob. Everyone that I've met with 6 digit incomes are gratious and welcoming and happy toplease you too.
For example, a dad of a kid that I just met paid for a snowboarding trip to Sunrise (a very nice skiing moutain about 3 hours away from Scottsdale). He gave me his Hummer H1, credit card, paid for my equipment rentals, and gave me the keys to his moutain lodge in Greer, all without even meeting the man face to face. There are nice people in Scottsdale and it is truely a wonderful place to grow up in.
by Madjedi March 12, 2005
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