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Something that is overpriced and over-rated. It can hold more songs than anyone can EVER listen to. You have an option to BUY all of your MP3s the LEGAL way off the Itunes store or you can download them all for free off of Limewire ... to get album covers you can easily go on Google Images. You can only charge your battery a couple of times ... then you have to spend 935709754 dollars to get a new one. :/ Another option all-together is to get a kind-of-cheap MP3/MP4 player from Wal-Mart that may not look as nice, but does pretty much the same thing as an Ipod ... also takes batteries. What does it matter what your MP3/MP4 player looks like, as long as you can listen to music, who the fuck CARES?
Dude: OMG, I just bought a 500GB Ipod!!!!
Other Dude: And, why would you do that?
Dude: So I can listen to my three hundred songs!
Other Dude: Why didn't you get a cheaper version, then? You don't really need all of those GBs.
Dude: So I can be hella cool ... and spend hundreds of dollars on the over four hundred GBs I do not need in my whole life time.
Other Dude: You're a loser ..
by Madison pwns your mom ;D July 11, 2008
Someone who is recommended to post about in the Urban Dictionary guidlines (besides my girlfriend sally >_<) ... for reasons unknown.

She's hispanic and sings. She also "guest-starred" (not really ...) on South Park. :D
"Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally."
by Madison pwns your mom ;D July 11, 2008
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