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Some one that you an do everything with! and that means everything!! but unless your mad at them or there mad @ u then they could stab you in the back! or if they are boys you could develope into more than freinds and could be boyfriend and gurlfriend but if its more than that you could possibly end up in having sex
Jenny: Hey doug whats up?
Doug notta lot.but i was wondering if you will go out with me?
Jenny: Yea! sure!
by Madin January 17, 2005
Some one you can share your love with unless they broke your heart! :( But if your like me then guys are really cool people that can be friends that you can share secrets with. or someone you can have sex with if you really love them.
Doug Hey gurl whats up!
Dabe nothin but lola was having sex with her boyfreind in the girls bathroom!
doug REally!!
Dabe yea!
by Madin January 17, 2005

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