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National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. They're the ones who banned "Song of the South" and the Little Black Sambo books. Which is a shame, because "Song of the South" portrays Uncle Remus as the lovable hero, and the Little Black Sambo books are based on old African folk tales. Ahh well.
Maybe the title "Tiny Melanin-Endowed Sambo" would have flown better with the NAACP.
by Mademoiselle Lulu September 30, 2005
An absolutely FANTASTIC vocalist. Queen's lead singer. He had near-perfect control of his voice and, although he is still my favorite lead vocalist EVER, I will admit... he was a flaming whore. He died from AIDS in 1991.
Freddie Mercury had a great voice, but some rather... ehh, fruity... dance moves. But we still love him.
by Mademoiselle Lulu September 30, 2005
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