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When you reach level 55 (at life) you got to the main menu, press on the barracks button, a new screen will pop up. There will be a group of buttons, you press the one on the bottom that reads "PRESTIGE". You will get another screen which gives you only 2 options, "OK" or "CANCEL", also on this page is a paragraph leading you away from pressing the "OK" button, if you do perhaps press "OK" you will get another screen, this screen gives you the same 2 options, it also leads you away from pressing "OK" again, this time scaring you with sentences like "You cannot go back!" If you still decide to proceed, and press "OK", you will then hear a gun shot. You think nothing has happened. You return to the menu and see that something isn't the same as it was before. Your level 55 is now 1!!!! You are horrified at first thinking you have wasted days of playing time (remembering this is still life we are talking about) for absolutely nothing. You want to kill yourself. But wait, you realize something else has changed, you have a snazzy new symbol beside your name. Your prestige has increased! Now everyone will be jealous and worship you forever.
Dude 1:Dude I just got my prestige up!

Dude 2:Why? Is there any point at all in doing that?

Dude 2:That's what you WOULD say, people like you getting so jealous of me!
by Maddy Pee March 09, 2009

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