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Kingpin of the Chavs and Scummers in a local area, often commands a company of Delinquents. Usually the oldest in a group, or the hardest. Usually adorns the most jewellery also.
Look at that fucking scum lord in his nova.....
by MaddogMotherFucker June 10, 2005
To scran somthing is to eat something, in this context to shovel it into your mouth as fast as possible. Also, scran can be used to reference food.
Lets go get some scran.

Q: What happened to your mars bar?
A: I scranned it.

look at that fat scranner...
by MaddogMotherFucker June 10, 2005
A fat person; someone who delights in he scranning of pies.

See also Boffer, Pie master Fat Pastie
Look at that fat pie merchant!

Shut your face pie merchant!
by MaddogMotherFucker June 10, 2005

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