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A game while driving down the road, screaming "sex" at passing cars with one headlight out.
Sabrina: Sex!!!!

Maddie: Wtf sabrina i thought that was a vagina!

Sabrina: no maddie, a vagina is when the parking lights are only on.

Maddie: Sabrina, you suck

Sabrina: Bite me!
by Maddiefuckinfox October 14, 2009
shittiest piece of shit ever shit out of an asshole. tend to break down frequently. especially when gay people are in them.
Straight girl: lets go some were in my jeep

Gay girl: ok, but you know it hates me lemme rub it first and call it sexy.

Jeep: "fucking fagot" *makes awful sound and doesnt start*

Gay girl: Fuck Jeeps!

Straight Girl: Fuck you!

Gay girl: =]
by Maddiefuckinfox October 14, 2009

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