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When someone be talking and talking and you do not want to hear it, you just be like yahh trick yahhh. Except when they're talking about Collipark music. Then you have to say "yahdfbgrtypiweryirhgir!".
Guy 1: Hey, can I have your autograph. Please, please, please, please, please?
A certain unnamed rapper: Yahhhh!!!!
Guy 1:Pshhh....
by Maddie Psh Kayy™ May 26, 2008
a phrase that apperently has a double meaning so much so that i got yelled at by my retarded teacher for wearing a shirt that said the phrase. wow, psh.
me: hey, my shirt says party like a rockstar.
teacher: RAWR fodfnhonhgsnnr!!!!!!
by Maddie Psh Kayy™ May 27, 2008

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