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1. A person who uses their conservative politics as an excuse for not thinking.

2. A person of conservative bent who is incapable of thought.
"Today's conservatidiot is not like the conservatives of old, who distorted facts to serve their own arguments. At least they had facts. And arguments."

"A conservatidiot knows that a fact is a liberal conspiracy, a tea bag is a philosophy, and a parrot is a patriot."
#conservative #teabagger #ignorance #talking points #liberadork
by Maddie B March 04, 2012
N. Someone who insists that your birthday is on a different day of the year than you were born on because they got the notification from Facebook (usually after somebody changed your birthday as a joke).
(After Mike's brother borrowed his iPhone for a few minutes.)
Facebook: "Thank you for your profile update."
Facebook: "January 12 is your birthday."
Facebook: "You are now friends with Rush Limbaugh. You share this friend with 2 of your friends."
Facebook: "1 of your friends has a birthday today, Rush Limbaugh."
Facebook profile: "Mike was born in Tanzania. Mike is the ugly twin of Rush Limbaugh."
Facebook: "27 friends have wished you a happy birthday."
Mike: "I'm going to kill my brother."
Dad: "Happy Birthday Mike. You are a good son. And I'm glad to see you have given up that liberal stuff."
Mike: "It's not my birthday, my account was hacked!"
Dad: "Don't lie to your own family son."
Mom: "You don't have to hide who you are. We still love you."
Mike: "Dad doesn't surprise me really, but I can't believe you're going Facebirther on me too Mom! You were there when I was born! We have home movies!"
Dad: "If accepting the truth makes us Facebirthers, then so be it Son. Films can be faked, but the internet can't."
Mom: "We must have adopted you. I drank a lot after your brother was born."
Brother: "Ha-ha! Happy Birthday Barack Limbaughma."
#birther #facebook #birthday #denier #conservatidiot
by Maddie B March 04, 2012
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