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A person who's original biology was that of a female and through surgery acquired a realistic biologic penis. Opposite of a shemale/heshe. But the same as a FTM (female to male) transvestite.

* May/may not still have original breasts.

* May/may not also have vagina.

* May/may not take male hormones.

* May/may not have original reproductive organs.
"Damn that chick has the hottest face and a perfect body.. Nice full hips, ass, perfect natural tits, BUt holy shit! I don't think he/she/it/shemale was born with that cock! WTF!" "Man, its not a he/she/it/shemale.. Its a She HE.."

he shetrannyshemaletranssexualtransgenderladyboyhermaphroditedrag queenhe-she
by Madboymadness October 24, 2008

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