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4 definitions by MadameNinja

The name Yasser originates from the word "Yossir" and/ "Yaseer". It means the clear royal path.

Many Arab families, name their precious sons Yasser.
Two pregnant women engage in a convo:
A: Is it a boy or a girl?
B: A boy.
A: Have you found a name yet?
B: Yes, Yasser.
A: What a nice name. The Yasser's I know are always handsome and charming.
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
72 28
Many middle easterns use the word 'yani' just like like. It is used between each and every word for many people.
Yanilike yanilike I duno.
Yanilike Oh my God!
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
62 47
toz means fart but can be used to express to your loser friends that you don't care or you're not interested.
C: Hey do u know that paris hilton got a new hair cut?
D: ok toz
C: Fine!
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
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khara is used amongst arabs very widely. They use it because they're always very late, procrastinate and just simply have a short-temper.
A: Hey, you're late always.
B: khara, I know, don't remind me.

C: The paper is due tomorrow.

E: Please take a number and wait for your turn.
F: KHARA, I don't want!
by MadameNinja February 15, 2004
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