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The flagship automobile of the Mercedes-Benz fleet being the source of most of what is regared as today\'s standard vehicle features. These have included: Hydrophneumatic suspension, Anti-Lock Braking System, Traction Control, Satellite Navigation as well many more features. In recent years, their limelight has been stolen by the BMW 7 Series and, to a lesser extent, the Audi A8. Most noteably... the BMW 7 Series contained more features yet was considered more powerful and better at handling, in addition to weighing significantly lighter than the S-Class. Shamefully, in an attempt to gain popularity seen only in the 1991 S-Class, Mercedes decided to copy most of the attributes of BMW\'s automobiles. These included the knock-off version of the iDrive, the flared wheel arches, the reduction in chrome highlights, and the bootlid (trunk) which very poorly hides the very Significant resemblence to the BMW made \"bangle-butt\"...
Person 1: \"Check out my new Mercedes-Benz S-Class\"
Person 2: \"Yeah, weighs more than South Africa, with the power of a pencil sharpner... must handle like a shopping trolley\"

Person 1: \"Well its a Mercedes, so there\"
Person 2: \"Yeah, tell me when you need to replace any body panels when the fall off, I can hook you up\"

Person 1: \"But have a look at it... it is so beautiful\"
Person 2: \"Yeah those wheel arches - Mazda RX-8, short wheel over hangs AND the lack of chrome highlights AND the short roofline AND the antenna AND THE BOOOT ARE ALL FROM BMW YOU SAD SAD LOSER!\"
Person 3: \"Thank god for insurance\" - (sets car on fire)
by Mada Costa May 27, 2007

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