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Mad Mr.Tom. Someone who gets beat by their parentals until their ass smells of tunafish and is the color purple. Followed by screaming such as a spanish women would do during sexual intercourse. Someone who has a small penis but is too afraid to admit it. During the winter time his mother gets snow plowed by a man named Tristan. Trust me, You'll know a Mad Mr.Tom when you see one...
Guy 1: Dude, i just found out my friend is a Mad Mr.Tom.
Guy 2: Who, Jimmy?
Guy 1: Yeah i can hear him getting beat when i walk by his house.
Guy 2: Yeah dude, his house smells like a seafood deli.
by MadMrJeff January 23, 2013
Someone who is a pussy magnet All-Star lacrosse player. He is both an entertaining youtuber and founder of the sick website 6drip. He doesn't give a fuck of what people think. He get's all the bitches he wants and when he wants them. If you arn't a fan of Thad, by process of elimination you must be Beta. Hide your girlfriends and your moms because he's on that Thad status!
Beta 10/10- Oh thad i don't know she might not like me... oh shucks...
Thaddeus Peuterschmidt- Shut up you loser! Watch this...
Beta 10/10- (oh boy he's in for it now...)
Thaddeus Peuterschmidt- Hey girl come suck my dick.
Some hot college girl- Ok Thad.
Beta 10/10- Oh wow Thad you sure are swell...oh shucks...
by MadMrJeff July 29, 2013
A phrase that can be used as a substitute for a retard. Such as how the Dodo bird didn't fly, which made it the retard bird of the wild. It's a phrase you can share with the whole family! Try it its fun!
Guy1: Man these cookies really stink...why am i even eating them?
Guy2: They don't smell that bad to me.
Guy1: Your a Dodofag you know that?
Guy2: How dare you call me retarded!
by MadMrJeff January 26, 2013

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