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Bennett is a 17 year old white boy that thinks he is black. He is best known for the text messages he exchanges with his cousin David (AKA Mac Lethal ). They showcase Bennett's "unique" view of the world and cover a wide range of topics ranging from joining the Illuminati to what to do after clogging the toilet at a hot girl's house.

Actual conversation:

Bennett: have u ever seen wheal of fortune? it a show with this blond hoe who turn letters for you and u try and win da trophy... ?

David: Yes Bennett, I've seen that show.

Bennet: well IM watching it right now and da unsolved puzzle says HA HA AIDS

David: Don't you have to work tonight?

Bennett: i got fired nigga
This Bennett kid is a real life Malibu's Most Wanted.
by MadMatt2024 December 30, 2012

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