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Where Yuppies raise their hipster children.
(Two Park Slope Yuppie mothers discuss their children in yoga class at the YMCA)

Yuppie Mother #1: This morning I asked my son what a hipster was!

Yuppie Mother #2: Do you mean those low-rise underwear?

Yuppie Mother #1: That's what I thought, but when I asked him he logged onto his Facebook account and showed me pictures of him and his friends.

Yuppie Mother#2: Well, do you know what a hipster is now?

Yuppie Mother #1: Not completely, but I do understand that they all wear ironic T-shirts under flannels. Oh, and they all flaunt their ironic facial hair.

Yuppie Mother #2: You sound like you are describing the homeless man who lives next to my brownstone.

Yuppie Mother#1: Oh, I've got it now! A hipster is just an ironic hobo!
by MadGrudes May 20, 2010

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