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Justin Bieber is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter. He was Born on Tuesday March 1st 1994 12:56am. He is the sexiest guy alive. He cares about his Beliebers. He gives a lot to charity. Justin is incredible. You don't have to like him but don't hate on him. He's just a normal 18 year old guy living out his dreams. He ISN'T gay. Even if he was, what's wrong with gay people? They're still humans. He HAS hit puberty. You guys are still living in the past. Look at some of his latest music video's and tell me if he sounds like a 10 year old girl? Most people hate him cos their jealous of him. I mean get a life and leave him the fuck alone. What has he done to you? Grow up. Even if you do hate him, why waste your time talking about someone you hate? Think. He obviously is talented if he had Justin Timberlake and Usher fighting over him! He's loved not just for his looks but for his kindness, personality and mostly his MUSIC! Looks aren't all girls thing about you know. Just think about this.
Girl 1: Justin Bieber is so sexy!
Girl 2: He makes my ovaries explode.
by MadForKidrauhl December 12, 2012

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