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The Best Classical Guitars Ever, these guitars are made in Spain , Madrid, but by opinion of many guitarists they are not from this world.
The Centenario model by Ramirez family costs up to $15000
by MadDogVlad November 07, 2006
two defs I know of:
a). tellin' a teenage girl to be good and that shes got no better friend than her mamma.
b). insult: when someone got stronger facts in debate you have no other choice than to mention this, if the person is not your homie and you r ready for real insult you can put a anymal in front of it, (my dog got desease cause he love yo mamma)
a) girl: I am 13 and I can do whatever I want!
advice: Love yo mamma

b)homie: So u say you heaven't smoke all the shit.
you: love yo mamma
by MadDogVlad November 08, 2006
signage on the plumbing van i realy saw
your shit is my bread!!!
by MadDogVlad November 07, 2006
this u can use for situation when you gave all correct explanations and dude u left to finish the thing does it all wrong.
Sound engenier(you left just to exist there):Everything was fine with the sound but then they changed the microphones?
You irritated:You managed to fuck up Retard proof
by MadDogVlad November 07, 2006

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