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1 definition by MadDashShaddi

1) A card game, manga, and anime that are a complete waste of time, money, and technology. Involves characters/players yelling at each other about cards that don't matter, taking away Life Points that don't really matter, either, and generally only appeals to eight-year-old boys.

2) Perfect material for an anime music video to Barenaked Ladies' "New Kid (On The Block)." If anyone ever finds this video, they MUST watch it.
On the next episode of Yu Gi Oh!: Will Yugi be able to save the soul of his best friend's sister-in-law's cousin twice removed from being cast into the Shadow Realm by Yami Pikachu? Or will his faith in the Spleen of the Cards falter and cause him to lose his Puce-Eyes Primrose Dragon? Tune in next week to find out!!
by MadDashShaddi October 13, 2004