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1. "last minute" grocery shopping (usually Sunday) while intoxicated (drunk/hung over and/or stoned) that was supposed to be done on the previous Friday or Saturday (but was deemed less of a priority then bingeing) often forgetting one or more essential items after paying and leaving the store/shop after it has closed

2. Urgent/last minute grocery shopping (usually sunday) only arriving seconds before the shop/store is about to or has closed for the day

3. Waking up on a sunday morning after a "heavy" weekend (Friday and Saturday) of binge drinking/drug taking with a massive hangover/headache and unknown partner/s (usually sexual) beside you that you don't remember anything or who they are but are dreading the aftermath of what happened.

4. The one day or days of the year that Jesus (christianity), God or any saints and/or deities look down onto the Earth from their place of residence and cringe/express disbelief, shame or disgust towards humanity's frequent acts of stupidity

5. Fusion/combination of "Facepalm" & "Palm sunday"
1) When shopping on a sunday, see how many people are hung over and are seconds away from a facepalm momment

2) man arrives at a supermarket only to see the front doors closed, looking to the manage who just locked the doors, the manager shakes his head and points to the list of clearly visible opening hours


Store manager shakes his head

Man reads the sign indicating store opening hours, sighs and facepalms at his own lazyness/stupidity for not reading the opening hours - facepalm sunday momment
by Mad-Jack June 03, 2010

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