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What used to be 31337, which used to be used by 'hackers' when they wanted to brag about something they just 'hacked' so they would speak in a 'language' they made with symbols and numbers so they wouldn't be too easily sought out.

They called themselves 'elite' (eleet/1337) because they thought they were cool for ruining people online. :)

It was later on picked up by net nerds who knew nothing of hacking, and then later on passed down to those 'peeps, hoo typ lyk dis cuz dey tink iz cul.'
7}{47 }{4(|< |/|/45 50 1337 '/0|_| (4/\/'7 8337 7}{47 |/|/!7}{ 4 73/\/ |=007 |>0|_3, '/0.

(If you can read that you have way too much time on your hands. Or you're just really nerdy... like me.)
by Mad Quinn Maddox September 19, 2004
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