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Jamaican term used to describe an homosexual in a very injurious way.
Me nuh like nuh mama man. ( I don't like homosexual). Note that this example does NOT reflect my personal opinion!
by Mad Meex September 30, 2006
In Jamaican slang: small
Beenie Man, the singer, got his name from starting his carrer when he was 8
by Mad Meex October 08, 2006
Jamaican slang for 'heights', used in conscious speeches.
I'm reaching higher ites.
by Mad Meex September 30, 2006
In Jamaican slang this is the short for 'praises'. Normally used for greeting someone or to finish a conscious speech.
Isis in the name of His Majesty (here refering to Haile Selassie).
by Mad Meex September 30, 2006

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